The Yarniverse is the new way for fiber artists to learn, connect, and make real progress

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Join the latest Knit Stars innovation - year-round intimate access to the Stars of the yarn world with personalized Masterclass tracks, live events, curation, enhanced community and support to help you make meaningful progress in your journey.

Everything you need to take your craft and your passion to the next level

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Looking to find others who are just as “yarn obsessed” as you? You’ve found the right place!

If you want to be at the center of the yarn world, nurture your creativity every day, and have nonstop inspiration, then YES, the Yarniverse is for you!

You’ll get a front row seat to the brightest in the global fiber arts community who are sharing their latest techniques, most intimate, authentic stories and best tips with you. (That’s right—you’ll learn things even the pros want to know!)

Join today to belong to an exceptional group of dedicated artists who are committed to elevating the craft like never before.

“It is so refreshing and humbling to be a part of something that’s become bigger, better, and curated to bring out the best in all who live in, hobby in, and love the yarn world- or as you’ve aptly named it - The Yarniverse.”

- Ash

“I really enjoy the zoom yarn alongs. I enjoy the zooms that are with makers and dyers. I enjoy the new friends I have made.”

- Helen

“I’ve joined for a year. I have gotten so much from the gatherings since 2018. I live in rural TN and have no local LYS within 90 min drive. Loops knits stars provides connections and beautiful yarn. I’m retired and Yarniverse has worked well for me. It’s a great group that appreciates different views and perspectives”

- Cheryl

Who created The Yarniverse—and why?

The Yarniverse is brought to you by Shelley Brander and the team at Knit Stars. What began as a boutique yarn store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, has transformed into a global yarn phenomenon with a big mission: to knit—and crochet—the world together. 

Seven years ago, Shelley and team produced the first Knit Stars Masterclass, an innovative series of workshops direct from the home studios of your favorite knitting superstars. Now, after many years of successful seasons shot all over the world, Knit Stars has created a way for you to have access to intelligently curated masterclass tracks, PLUS membership to live weekly events, make-alongs, access to exclusive interviews, and more.

Nothing else like the Yarniverse exists anywhere in the world—making you part of a forward-thinking community that’s elevating the craft for everyone!


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Knit Stars Masterclasses

At the center of the Yarniverse is access to the Knit Stars Masterclasses, an unparalleled collection of beautiful online documentaries and step-by-step trainings featuring master teachers from across the globe.

Personalize your journey with Yarniverse Tracks

Identify where you are on your journey, and we’ll help you know which workshops to watch next and which projects to make next. Are you a Starter, Scarfer, Sweaterer, Seeker, or Pro? Complete a Track and move onto the next one when you’re ready.

Each quarter, we'll add new workshops to the Tracks so there's always something new and fresh to learn.


Uncut Interviews with the Stars

Indulge your love for the craft with regular releases of full-length, cutting-room-floor interviews from Knit Stars Masterclass. This is the behind-the-scenes of your dreams!

100+ Patterns

Enjoy a vast vault of 100+ top designer patterns to pick and choose from—your next knockout project awaits!

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Weekly Yarniverse Content

Hang out with the Stars, Star Makers, and your fellow members in a fun format that connects you to the most intriguing artists in the yarn world today.

Quarterly Make-Alongs

Get creative with your global yarn community while you make something beautiful together once a quarter. Option to purchase exclusive new kits (with surprises!) or use what you already have.

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Games + prizes

The Yarniverse is the place to be to win exclusive yarn kits, tools, Star Stash… even a dream trip to the Knit Stars Flagship store.

Rising Star of the Month

Celebrate with us as we share the stories of members who are making a difference in the world. From community leaders to local heroes, we’ll be shining the spotlight on the people who are making the yarn world a better place.

Shelley and Aimee

Early access to sellout events

Get first dibs on Hot Loops Wall reveals, yarn sales, and Star appearances. Your Yarniverse membership puts you at the front of the line for big events in the yarn world.

Masterclass Season sneak peeks

See it first before anyone else! Exclusive behind-the-scenes previews to upcoming Knit Stars Masterclass.

Patty Lyons
Mieka John

Enhanced Topic Index

No need to cut into your creative time. Find the exact patterns and Masterclasses you’re looking for with just a few clicks. That adds up to more quality time to indulge in your craft.

Personalized Tracks help you make progress faster

As soon as you join, you’ll be able to pick your Track so you’re learning exactly what you want to. New workshops added each quarter so you can keep growing your skills by learning from the best.

Seeker- Technique
Crochet Track

Yarniverse Gives Back

We believe in lifting up all boats and that we are all united—not just by what we do with our hands, but by what we do with our hearts. So each month we raise awareness and donate to causes we care about. Some of the organizations we’ve already given back to  are Knit for Food, The Trevor Project, Knit the Rainbow, The Equal Justice Initiative, and The American Indian College Fund. When you join the Yarniverse, you’ll play a part in making the world a better place.

Save $100+ per year with the Founder introductory price

$49 Monthly

$47 Monthly

This is a monthly recurring membership


“I’ve joined for a year! I live in AK so I watch the Yarniverse events at 3:00 PM… Since I live remotely, with only 1 LYS that no longer has ‘in-house’ classes, I personally need this community for connections (and sanity). As an aside, it’s also encouraging me to use my stash (which is way larger than it should be at my age)! Sometimes ‘things’ just fit, and right now this fits for me!”

- Carolyn C.

“I love how I can get classes from great teachers without traveling to a show or their location from Knit Stars Master Classes. I don’t have a local yarn shop in my area anymore and I miss the ‘sit & knit’ with others and seeing what others are making. I can get that from the Yarniverse.”

- Katha


The Yarniverse Guarantee

We created the Yarniverse to help you nurture your creativity and connection to the yarn world, 365 days a year. If for any reason you don’t love the Yarniverse, simply let us know and we’ll cancel your membership at any time.

The Yarniverse is THE new place to be in the yarn world!

Meet The Team



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9/18/20 12:27:27 PM — Portraits of author Shelley Brander. 

Photo by Shane Bevel


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Uncut Interviews?

One of the best parts of the Knit Stars Masterclasses are the lifestyle segments with the artists where we get a glimpse into their lives, studios, and take on the craft. Normally, these segments are edited down to just a few minutes, but as a Yarniverse member you’ll get access to the full interviews as we release them one by one!

What if I can’t make it to the Yarniverse Lives?

Yarniverse Lives happen weekly and once a month, will happen on a Sunday. Can’t make it live? They’re always recorded and ready to view inside the members portal for your viewing enjoyment.

What are the Yarniverse make-alongs?

The Yarniverse make-alongs are your chance to work on the same project with a big group of passionate people. You’ll be able to get tips from the Stars themselves, cheer ech other on, share your progress, and stay inspired as you knit up your newest lovely creation. For each make-along, you’ll have the option to purchase an exclusive kit or work from your own stash. This is the most fun way to come together with your global yarn arts community while adding to your repertoire of skills!

What are the different Masterclass Tracks?

The Masterclass tracks are intelligently designed to take you from where you’re at now to where you’re going next. With five tracks to choose from—Starters, Scarfers, Sweaterers, Seekers, and Pros—you’ll get guided on a path based on your current interest and skill level. Whether you’re just starting out, a pro in the yarn business, or somewhere in between, you’ll be able to select the track that’s perfectly aligned with your goals.

We’ll be adding new workshops/tracks each quarter so there's always something new to learn, taking it in bite-size pieces.

When does the Yarniverse start?

Enrollment is currently open for Founding Members. As soon as you join, you’ll have access to 40+ masterclasses, the entire archive of Yarniverse Uncut Interviews and Yarniverse Lives, 100+ on-trend patterns, your invite to the weekly incredible live events, and more.

You’ll own your Founding Member status for as long as you remain a member, and you’ll also have our unending gratitude for supporting our commitment to community, curation and innovation.


The Yarniverse Community is Where It’s At!

Connect with others who are just as passionate about yarn as you are. Between the weekly Yarniverse LIVES, the special events, and members-only make-alongs you’ll meet incredible people from all over the globe.


Join now to access the fun!